Polish Society for Mountain Medicine and Rescue is an interdisciplinary, voluntary and independent scientific association of persons interested in medical aspects of human residence in a mountain environment and mountain sports.

The Society aims:

1) inspiration, conducting and coordinating research,

2) dissemination of knowledge and scientific achievements in the field of mountain medicine and related disciplines,

3) increase the safety levels of all forms of activities associated with mountains and mountain sports,

4) providing specialized, certified training in mountain
medicine and rescue

5) prevention activities for the safety in the mountains.

The Society achieves its objectives by:

1) conducting and initiating research,

2) organizing conferences and scientific meetings,

3) maintaining contacts with national and international organizations related to mountain medicine and rescue,

4) cooperation with other organizations and institutions,

5) organizing certified training,

6) publishing recommendations and guidelines,

7) publishing of journals and publications,

8) take other actions aimed at achieving the objectives of the Society.


Polish Society for Mountain Medicine and Rescue
ul. Dębowa 2
43-370 Szczyrk
Tel: +48 33 8296900
fax +48 33 8296904

Account: Bank Pekao SA No. 39 1240 6449 1111 0010 4330 3248

Board PTMiRG:

Adam Domanasiewicz, MD, PhD – PRESIDENT,

Piotr Roman Szetelnicki, MD, PhD – Vice President,

Paweł Podsiadło, MD Board Member,
Tel: +48 600607597
E-mail: Pawel.Podsiadlo(at)pza.org.pl

Mikołaj Śleziak – Secretary,
Tel: +48 502366839
E-mail: m.sleziak(at)cefedro.pl

Jacek Jawień – Treasurer,
E-mail: jajawien(at)gmail.com

Audit Committee PTMiRG:

Wojciech Moskal,
MD – Audit Committee Chairman,

Małgorzata Jędrzejczyk,
MD, PhD – Audit Committee Member ,

Paweł Jonek,
MD – Audit Committee Member,

Society headquarters is located in the Central Station of the Beskid Mountain Rescue Group (GPS 49o 42’31,0 N 19o 00’44, 0 E)